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Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven isn’t just a love letter to the couple, it’s a love letter to the legacy of the Titans and their fans.

There is no denying that Teen Titans continues to be incredibly popular, between the many iterations of cartoons, the live-action series, and the many comics, both canonical and non-canonical. In 2019, artist Gabriel Picolo and writer Kami Garcia teamed up to create a new entry in team history with Teen Titans: Raven, a graphic novel for young adults. The story exists outside of DC’s main canon and was a great entry point for newcomers to the comic book world, and it even teased the team’s expansion with a glimpse of Teen Titan: Beast Boy. Two books later, fans of this iteration of DC characters have finally got what they’ve been waiting for – the Titans officially taking shape. What better way to do it than with one of the most popular couples on the team.

Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven sees the titular Titans cross paths on their journey to meet Slade, who promises to help them with their abilities and find their place in this world as overpowered individuals. After the events of their solo titles, Raven and Beast Boy are both in places they don’t know who to trust; However, they feel a connection and find more than a confidant in each other as they face new threats and find new and old allies.

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At the heart of this graphic novel is a love story based on friendship. It’s believable that these two still support each other even though there was no romance involved. That being said, there is clearly a romantic attraction between the two, despite being so opposed. The mix of tropes of opposing attractions and friends who have fallen in love has put together a love story that is not only cute as it slowly builds up, but is also realistic – despite all the antics. of comics that happen.

While there is superhero conflict involved, the graphic novel is chock-full of slice-of-life moments, which may not captivate those looking for a more action-oriented Teen Titans story. Still, if you’re looking for a comic that shows the more human and sweet sides of heroes, this read will put a smile on your face. Especially for fans of the art of Picolo, which featured the Titans in more slice of life situations before it was created by DC, this comic is a delight, as this art comes to life even more with the writing. by Garcia.

Picolo’s art has always been a love letter to the Teen Titans, as he imagines the characters in a modern, more relaxed setting, while capturing nostalgia not only for the team, but those teenage years as well. . There is a youthful charm to Picolo’s art, and it’s perfect for a romance between Raven and Beast Boy.

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the beast boy loves the crow sign

It’s also clear in art and history that the two creatives are big fans of the characters and the property. Their passion for the Titans is contagious on every page. Even for those less familiar with the team, they will be able to feel the love in this book. Additionally, and perhaps one of the best selling points of this series as a whole, is its accessibility for those looking for an entry into the comic book world.

You don’t have to worry about decades of lore to jump into this series, and while one isn’t familiar with the history of Raven and Beast Boy in the property’s many iterations, they do. can still recognize their care for each other in this new chapter. In the meantime, for longtime fans, there are little details, as well as a few teases for the future, that will certainly make her excited to see this team and the world grow beyond. Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven.

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