The best horror movie franchises to binge watch


When the “Child’s Play” movies began, no one could have imagined where the series would go. If you are planning to watch any “Child’s Play” movies, buckle up because the trajectory of this series is wild. Watching them back-to-back means viewers will start with a pair of 1980s horror flicks before moving on to 21st century episodes like “Seed of Chucky” that took things unexpectedly. and queer coded paths. These latter films have seen blood flow – as well as the creative juices of writer / director Don Mancini, who wrote all of Chucky’s films and directed the last three.

Frenziedly watching just the five theatrical episodes of “Child’s Play” would already be a fantastically memorable experience. However, avid fans of the franchise could also kick off the two direct-to-video Mancini-supervised sequels, as well as experience an alternate take on Chucky through the surprisingly enjoyable 2019 remake of “Child’s Play”. Watching the series will take viewers on a roller coaster ride of varying tones, directing styles, and even incarnations of Chucky, voiced by legendary Brad Dourif and Mark Hamill respectively. Of course, no one expected such a trip home when this killer doll started to stir up trouble. All of this unexpectedly, however, is winning over horror movie viewers everywhere.


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