The best licensed slots titles from movie franchises


One of the biggest additions to the library of online slots games in the iGaming industry has been the emergence of branded slot machine titles. Advances in HTML5 technology have allowed iGaming developers to merge high-definition (HD) quality visuals and audio to create cutting-edge, engaging desktop and mobile slots that pay homage to the biggest box office hits of our time.

Licensed slots are often particularly immersive due to the inclusion of exclusive video or audio clips of the films or themed bonus games inspired by the film’s storyline. In fact, even the most savvy slot player can forget to look for the right ingredients in a slot title, like low volatility or high payout (RTP) percentages.

The RTP percentage relates to the “house edge” of a casino game. The higher the percentage of RTP, the lower the edge of a game in favor of the casino. There is currently a list of the slots with the highest RTP in the industry and none of them are a licensed movie-themed game, which shows that they are true sources of. money for the publishers and the casino operators themselves.

If you’re a movie buff, nostalgic for your favorite classics on the big screen, be sure to check out the following movie-themed slots.

Presenter: The Legend of Ron Bourgogne

This fun slot machine was developed by Bally and quickly became one of the most popular movie-themed slots of all time. Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell, is one of the most comical characters of the post-millennial era. The game features clips from the hit 2004 film when players activate bonus features and Bally is licensed to use all the faces of the characters in the film, so the promotional material incorporates snapshots of other actors such as Paul. Rudd, Steve Carrell and David Koechner.

Terminator 2

Arnie and Terminator 2 are back and bigger than ever on screen thanks to the slot machine game from Microgaming, set in the dystopian and post-apocalyptic world of the reign of Skynet. The Slot Machine has a unique free spins feature, whereby an extra line is introduced for all free spins, offering players up to 1,024 ways to get symbol combinations. With an epic soundtrack and the presence of the T-1000, John, and Sarah Connor, that’s all you need for a Terminator fix.


Cheeky chappy Ted is back with the Blueprint Gaming branded and licensed Ted Slot Machine. This action-packed slot game offers a plethora of reel modifiers and bonus features to explore, with an abundance of animation and audio inspired by the blockbuster movie.


It’s been two decades since Russell Crowe and Gladiator won everything in front of them at the 2001 Oscars. Ridley Scott’s film has since been adapted into a popular slot game by prominent Playtech developers. One appealing feature of this adaptation is that the slot machine title also features a progressive jackpot, which is essentially a rolling jackpot that increases with each spin until it is claimed entirely at random.

Nightmare on Elm Street

With Halloween celebrated just a few weeks ago, the spooky season is still here. The 888 Nightmare on Elm Street Slot features the raw power and intensity of this 2010 horror classic. This slot game has developed a sort of cult following with its nod to Freddy Krueger all around. during.

These movie-themed slots are a testament to the success and popularity of legendary blockbusters on various media platforms long after their initial release. While new titles come and go, it’s clear that movie-themed slots are resonating with gamers and will likely remain in the market for years to come.


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