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Adam Bagley contributed to Tales from the Quarantin

But for Rowley Regis artist Adam Bagley and his fellow creatives, that’s exactly it because after more than a year of work, they produced Tales from the Forties, a comedy anthology designed to raise funds. for charitable works.

The anthology is the result of a fundraising initiative, first launched in March last year, in response to global lockdowns.

Each page of the 200-page comic is a stand-alone story exploring the theme of isolation.

The action, fantasy, horror, and sci-fi genres feature across its pages, along with real-life vignettes interwoven with introspection, humor, passion and drama.

And not just that, Tales from the Forties added to its list of record-breaking accomplishments by becoming the first comic book in space.

On August 26 at 1:13 p.m., a digitized version was sent across the cosmos via a US-based METI radio network.

In total, 400 comic book authors, artists, colorists and editors – including more than 100 Eisner, Emmy, Hugo and Ringo award winners and nominees – from 60 different countries have come together to donate their time and talent.

Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead), Hannah Berry (former UK comic book winner), Ed Brubaker (DC, Marvel), PJ Holden (2000 AD), Staz Johnson (Robin, Catwoman) and Declan Shalvey (Thunderbolts) are only a few of the familiar names from the world of comics and graphic novels participating in the project.

Mr Bagley was named early on as a Phase One contributor – and it has since been revealed that he wrote and illustrated three compelling stories for the book.

“Tales from the Quarantine is a unique, exciting and ambitious comic book project unheard of before,” he said.

“I am in awe of how this has become a reality. His worldwide success and everything he has accomplished for good causes.

“The involvement of top talent from around the world is astounding and I am proud to represent Black Country on its pages. “

One hundred percent of net proceeds from sales of the anthology – first created and curated by Frazer Brown, of Red Cabin Comics – will be donated to charities The Hero Initiative, Last Year’s Rent Fund and NHS Charities Together, at the support for essential services provided during current global health concerns.

Initially only available through a crowdfunding website, Tales from the Quarantine can now be pre-ordered at until October 31. Any remaining stock will remain on sale until it is gone.

For more information on Tales from the Quarantine, visit @RedCabinComics and @TFTQcomic on Twitter.



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