The Flash has just harnessed the power of Deadpool like never before Marvel


DC Comics reveals that The Flash has the power to see beyond the Fourth Wall, Deadpool style, with the help of DC’s Doctor Strange.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Lightning # 776!

While the fourth most famous wallbreaker in comics is without a doubt that of Marvel dead Pool, DC Sparkle is about to give the Merc with a Mouth a hard time. One of the very few characters with the unique power of “comic book consciousness,” Deadpool is keenly aware that he is a fictional character in a comic book, completely at the mercy of his writers. But in The Flash # 776, the same power is granted to Wally West, via the DC equivalent of Doctor Strange: Doctor Destiny.

Deadpool didn’t initially break the fourth wall at all; it was created by legendary writer / artist Rob Liefeld in 1991 as a simple mercenary with twin katanas and a striking red and black costume design. It wasn’t until the mid-2000s that other writers gave him his irreverent style of humor as well as his distinctive ability to point out flaws and idiosyncrasies in his own writing. He would even recognize the reader from time to time – but Doctor Fate takes it one step further and actively calls on the reader for help.


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The Flash is dragged into a cave by Doctor Fate, who informs Wally that the two are trapped in a two-dimensional causeway and “… it’s going to be until you to guide us. To help us get through. “ When Flash doesn’t understand how he can help, Doctor Fate corrects him, pointing to the reader and shouting ” YOU ! The reader of this book! Our destiny is in your hands. At various points in the story, Doctor Fate insists that the reader turn the book clockwise, counterclockwise, and ultimately upside down, shifting gravity in and out. the world of comics. Doctor Fate and Flash even climb from panel to panel, dodging monsters on every page.

flash 776 preview doctor fate page 2

As an outside observer, the comic book reader rarely acts inside the book. From Doylist’s perspective, of course, the reader is not; the pages were printed long before the reader bought a copy. The book also doesn’t count as a digital copy of the issue (Doctor Fate doesn’t tell the reader to turn on a phone, tablet, or laptop, for example). Nonetheless, it is potentially one of the strongest powers in comic book lore, showing that while Deadpool is content to make jokes about the meta-nature of his existence, Doctor Fate and The Flash are actively using the drive to achieve their goals.

With Doctor Fate having opened Flash’s eyes to the Fourth Wall, Wally West is now aware of the world beyond the limits of his universe. The episodic nature of the current Flash race doesn’t necessarily mean Wally remember this meeting, however. However, dead Pool no longer has the monopoly of breaking the fourth wall … because this honor now belongs to the Sparkle.

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