The Last Man original artist creates portraits for the show’s full cast


Original Y: The Last Man artist Pia Guerra illustrates a series of posters featuring the cast of FX and the screen adaptation of Hulu.

Y: The last man Artist / co-creator Pia Guerra has designed a series of character posters featuring the cast of the TV adaptation of FX, which is currently in the middle of its first season under the FX banner on Hulu.

Guerra illustrated 10 character posters for FX’s Y: The last man, starring Ashley Romans Agent 355, Ben Schnetzer’s Yorick Brown, Diana Bang’s Dr. Allison Mann, Juliana Canfield’s Beth DeVille, Elliot Fletcher’s Sam Jordan, Amber Tamblyn’s Kimberly Campbell Cunningham, Amber Tamblyn’s Hero Brown, Olivia Thirlby, Nora Brady of Marin Ireland, Roxanne of Missi Pyle and Jennifer Brown of Diane Lane, respectively. The portraits were shared with Instagram through Y: The last man writer Brian K. Vaughan, co-creator of Guerra. “Pia Guerra is a god, as evidenced by her portraits of the best actors on television,” Vaughan wrote.

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Written by Vaughan and illustrated by Guerra, Goran Sudžuka, Paul Chadwick and Jose Marzan Jr., Y: The last man Originally launched under DC’s Vertigo Comics imprint in September 2002. The book was published in a total of 60 issues and ended in March 2008. It won the National Comics Award for Best New Comic Book in 2003, as well as the Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series in 2008. In addition, Y: The last man10th and last commercial paperback, Why and how, was nominated for the Hugo award for best graphic history in 2009.

Vaughan and Guerra Y: The last man follows Yorick Brown, an amateur escape artist who – apart from his pet monkey, Ampersand – is the sole survivor of a mysterious plague that instantly kills every mammal on Earth with a Y chromosome. his mother, US Senator Jennifer Brown, Yorick is assigned to Agent 355 of the Culper Ring as a bodyguard. The two team up with geneticist and cloning expert Dr. Allison Mann, embarking on a globe-trotting quest in an effort to preserve humanity’s survival.

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A film adaptation of Y: The last man was developed over a number of years, but never really took off. In October 2015, it was reported that FX was developing a TV series based on the Vaughan and Guerra comics. The project evolved over the years, going through a change of showrunner and a few major redesigns, but finally went into production in October 2020. FX’s Y: The last man premiered its first three episodes exclusively on Hulu earlier this month on September 13, with subsequent episodes scheduled to arrive on a weekly basis. Y: The last man Season 1 is expected to last 10 episodes in total.

New episodes of Y: The last man airs Mondays on FX on Hulu.

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