The Valorant community reacts on Reddit to accusations of mismanagement


Few video games can match Valorant these days when it comes to the competitive world of esports. Of the many notable names on the circuit, FaZe Clan is one of the most popular, followed by a huge fan. However, he’s sure to come under scrutiny after what one of his players recently said on social media.

To make matters worse, some fans believe this could lead to further actions from officials when Riot is about to make major decisions regarding their esports setup.

There are plans to change the look and configuration of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) as we approach 2023. Riot will also launch a partnership program with three major international leagues. As such, the publication made on FaZe and its organizational capacities could be a major problem for its ambitions to become a partner of Riot.

Valorant’s Reddit community reacts to POISED’s accusations against FaZe

The original post was written by Reddit user u/DaddyTeddyBear, who posted a screenshot of some tweets from POISED. The professional player seemed to complain about the setup and the poor conditions in which he had to participate.

However, in a shocking revelation, the player also mentioned that the cafe he was in to participate had disrupted the internet. Many fans have shared their opinions on the matter, and some believe these accusations could have major ramifications.

A user replied that these are unfortunate things and a professional gamer has to go through them. They are also concerned that Riot may disqualify FaZe from such events.

POISED isn’t alone in accusing FaZe of mishandling the organizational part. Valorant professional Flyuh has also done the same before and a player feels that it doesn’t look good from the organization.

One fan even thinks that FaZe never looked good to begin with due to his unprofessional setup and lack of equipment. The fan believes that the team’s content creators are the only reason for their popularity.

Another player feels there is no way Riot will choose FaZe Clan over other Valorant organizations.

To a fan, FaZe Clan seems like the punching bag of the esports community.

Another fan believes that these accusations won’t do much damage to the chances of FaZe being chosen as a partner. The fan believes Faze’s finances are already poorer and it’s unlikely Riot considered them in the first place.

While a fan loves the organization’s roster, the other aspects made them believe it would be better if FaZe wasn’t chosen as a Valorant partner.

Only time will tell what lies ahead for FaZe Clan and their ambition to become Valorant’s partners for Riot. As for the community, its opinion on the fate of the organization seems already fixed. But, partner or not, these are accusations and occurrences that FaZe should avoid moving forward.

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