The X-Men meet Marvel’s happiest mutant, Santa Claus



We wish you a happy X-Men with a Christmas tale about the happiest of Marvel mutants: Santa Claus! A magical being with many names – Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Santa Claus and Detective Nick St. Christopher – Santa from the Marvel Universe is as legendary as his real-world counterpart. Gifted Gift Bearer Comes To Town To Meet The X-Men In The Pages Of 1991 Marvel Holiday Special, appearing in writer Scott Lobdell and artist Dave Cockrum’s past Christmas tale: “A miracle a few blocks from 32nd Street. ”

On Christmas Eve, the all new and all different X-Men – Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Banshee – festively decorate the X-Mansion when the mutant detector Cerebro locates “the most powerful mutant on record. “. The X-Men travel to Rockefeller Center to determine if this mutant is a friend or an enemy.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

There, the X-Men face their greatest threat: a mall bustling with last-minute shoppers! The enemies of the X-Men, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, also hunt down the mysterious mutant: The Blob, Toad, Mastermind and Unus the Untouchable.

The Nightcrawler teleporter defeats the Leaping Toad as the Metal-Skin Colossus and Howling Banshee fail to move the Immovable Blob. As Wolverine’s adamantium claws attempt to slice through the impenetrable force field that renders Unus untouchable, Storm’s weather manipulation powers make him too good a match for the illusion-creating brain.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

When the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants mysteriously and suddenly disappear, it is revealed that Santa has turned them into toys (props and batteries not included). Identifying himself as Kris Kringle, Santa teleports the X-Men just outside Rockefeller Center without their memories of the past hour.

After decorating the halls with their wicked enemies, the X-Men’s Christmas Eve ends with the merry mutants marveling at the snow of an honest white Christmas – one last gift from Santa.

Years later, when young mutant Jubilee meets Santa Claus on the roof of Xavier School for Gifted Young People in the 1998s Generation X Holiday Special, she asks the mighty Santa Claus if he’s a mutant. “Merry Christmas, Jubilation Lee,” said Santa Claus with a wink and a smile. “Merry Christmas.”

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