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Did your father raise you in the great outdoors? Well, Father’s Day is June 20 and you can show Dad how much you enjoyed this education by giving him something to fuel his outdoor adventures this summer. We’ve rounded up a slew of outdoor and camping deals that are on sale for an extra 20% off when you use promo code WELOVEDAD. Check them.

Knives and survival tools

QuickSurvive® 4-in-1 Adjustable Paracord Bracelet

MSRP: $ 15


This smart emergency tool fits everyone on a single bracelet. It includes a compass, whistle, paracord, serrated knife, and flint lighter, all on your wrist.

StatGear Storm Rescue Knife

MSRP: $ 19

BEL-WORSHIP: $ 10.39

This knife goes above and beyond. You can cut a seat belt to get out of a stuck car, cut lines on a sinking boat, carve something in wood, etc.

B-2 BLITZ Tactical Pocket Knife

MSRP: $ 75

BEL-WORSHIP: $ 28.79

The Kickstarter-funded B-2 BLITZ is inspired by the famous B-2 bomber. The innovative knife has heavy construction and tanto blade, which makes it more durable and strong when you need to exert force on an object.

Camp site

Bug Bite Thing® Bug Bite Thing® Suction Tool: Pack of 2

MSRP: $ 19

BEL-WORSHIP: $ 15.96

Help dad deal with his bug bites with this smart tool that actually sucks the bite out of your mosquito bites. Just apply it on a bite, pull the syringe out, and dad will be feeling better in no time.

Ultralight portable outdoor folding chair

MSRP: $ 99

BELOVED: $ 35.16

Dad loves his chair at home and now he will love his chair on the track too. This portable folding chair is lightweight, portable and easy to set up in a jiffy.

Sidekick Weather Alert Radio with Bluetooth®

MSRP: $ 99

BELOVED: $ 63.99

Enjoy a few tunes streamed from older wireless devices and keep looping in the weather report as well. This radio features a digital tuner and display that receives AM / FM, SAME and NOAA signals, and includes an LED flashlight, red emergency beacon and ambient light.

GoSun Go® portable solar oven

MSRP: $ 139

BEL-WORSHIP: $ 92.80

Who says you can’t have delicious meals on the trail? This portable oven gets its energy from the sun during the day so you can cook pizzas, hot dogs and other tasty treats without boiling water at the campsite.

Homping portable charcoal grill

MSRP: $ 199

BELOVED: $ 116.79

All dads swear by the charcoal on electric grills. Well, let him charcoal grills on the track with this portable grill that works with just a little charcoal to get that charcoal taste.

QuickSurvive® Camper’s Dozen (12 fire starters 12 pieces)

MSRP: $ 162

BEL-WORSHIP: $ 122.39

Get started on the campsite faster with these 100% waterproof fire starters. Also a useful survival tool, these pouches burn at 750 ° F for up to ten minutes (and have a 30 year shelf life) to give you a quick blast of heat when you need it.

EchoSmile 4-6 person retractable tent

MSRP: $ 228

BELOVED: $ 151.99

Go from backpacking to lounging faster with this innovative and easy-to-assemble pop-up tent that comfortably accommodates up to six people. It’s the perfect lightweight tent for a weekend in the woods.

EchoSmile Rotomolded Cooler

MSRP: $ 205

BELOVED: $ 164.79

This sturdy cooler is strong enough to take you anywhere. It has a 30 quart capacity and holds ice for up to seven days in 77ºF heat. At 100ºF, it will stay solid for three days.

GoSun Chill Solar Cooler

MSRP: $ 749

BELOVED: $ 508

Meet the coolest cooler in the world. (Intentional pun.) The GoSun is a solar cooler that doesn’t need ice. It has adjustable temperature control ranging from -4 ºF to 68 ºF so you can store twice as much food and drink without having to worry about things getting too cold or wet from melted ice. In addition, it comes with a PowerBank + of 144 Wh to charge your devices all day long.


Liteband ™ FLEX 300 Wide Beam LED Headlamp

MSRP: $ 19

BELOVED: $ 15.99

This economical headlamp gives you more for your money. The 180º bright design projects a wide beam of light so you can cover more ground while scanning the darkness.

170 lumens rechargeable UT10 multifunction headlamp

MSRP: $ 29

BELOVED: $ 19.99

This smart headlamp has a dual light source and can be used with four different light modes depending on the situation. Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery provides environmentally friendly and economical power supply via USB charging.

Solar assist flashlight

MSRP: $ 39

BELOVED: $ 27.19

Dad hates the environmental impact of batteries? Who can blame him. Well tell him to hit the trail next time with this solar-assisted flashlight that doubles as a lantern and searchlight.

Tiki Torch LED Bluetooth Speaker

MSRP: $ 99

BELOVED: $ 31.99

Daddy is a groovy guy, isn’t he? Help him up the camping a bit with this cool tiki torch that doubles as a bluetooth speaker.

Q-Beam® Blue Max Midnight Waterproof LED Flashlight

MSRP: $ 39

BELOVED: $ 31.99

Stay ready for anything with this emergency flashlight. It offers up to 590 lumens and a beam distance of 420 meters, as well as three LED lighting modes to alert anyone of your presence in an emergency.

DanForce Bold-S 1080 lumens triple rechargeable headlamp

MSRP: $ 45

BELOVED: $ 33.59

The DanForce Bold-S goes beyond the standard headlamp. It features three lights in one for a wider viewing angle and massive light output of up to 1,080 lumens.

KeySmart ™ Nano Torch Twist LED Flashlight

MSRP: $ 59

BELOVED: $ 39.99

DIY dads will love this bright keychain. The Nano Torch attaches to keys or any magnetic surface with its magnetic holder so it can be used as a searchlight while working in the garage, a flashlight for nighttime navigation, and more.


HyperGear 10,000mAh Solar Power Bank

MSRP: $ 39

BELOVED: $ 27.99

No more dead phone batteries on the trail for daddy! This high capacity power bank charges via the sun during the day and is equipped with a Qi wireless charger and multiple charging ports to support all of its devices.

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