Thunderbolts Return in New Marvel Series With Mysterious Lineup


The Thunderbolts are making a return to the Marvel Universe in a new series, and the publisher has released an image to tease the mysterious lineup. The superhero team debuted in the late ’90s, replacing the Avengers and the Fantastic Four after they disappeared after battling Onslaught. However, the last page of their first issue revealed that the Thunderbolts were actually villains posing as heroes, led by Baron Zemo. Marvel has returned to the Thunderbolts franchise multiple times, with the likes of Norman Osborn, Luke Cage, and even the Winter Soldier leading the effort.

Promotional art for new Love at first sight series has the team logo at the top and two words marked as classified in an accompanying sentence. It reads, “Thunderbolts. CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED Like Lightning…” In the middle of the illustration are six silhouettes of our heroes. You can’t glean much by looking at them since no one is recognizable. The only other information provided is that Marvel will reveal the entire team and make a full announcement, most likely with the creative team attached, tomorrow, Friday, February 11.

(Picture: Marvel Comics)

The Thunderbolts Returned To Their Villainous Roots In The Marvel Event Series king in black. It was revealed that Wilson Fisk, the former Kingpin and current Mayor of New York, had purchased the copyright to the name “Thunderbolts”. The King in Black Thunderbolts team consisted of Taskmaster, Mr. Fear, Rhino, Batroc the Leaper, Star (a Captain Marvel villain named Ripley Ryan), plus new villains Snakehead and Ampere.

Writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Juan Ferreyra formed the creative team for the King in Black: Thunderbolts miniseries, and Rosenberg spoke to about the new lineup and his participation in the Marvel event.

“A big part of the fun of The Thunderbolts is seeing who they are with each new iteration,” Rosenberg said. “You want fresh faces, clashing personalities, a good mix of almost heroic, redeemable, and downright awful. Plus, I’m a big sucker for street characters who put themselves above their heads, and it has that in spades. But one of the best parts of seeing villains together is how well they do or don’t work together. We all understand that the Avengers are a well-oiled machine that supports each other. The Thunderbolts are almost the opposite – a bunch of loners who don’t care much for each other, so you can have great interaction with them because they’re not one big happy family. , Star, Mister Fear, Snakehead, Rhino, and Ampere is that perfect balance of Will they complete the mission or will they tear each other apart.”

“Thunderbolts is one of the best concepts Marvel has ever produced. It’s a book that constantly reinvents itself in a fun way and it’s a real honor to carry on that tradition,” Rosenberg continued. “I think we have a really crazy premise and a unique team, and letting them go wild during the epic events of King In Black is going to be a really fun trial by fire for them.”

Who do you hope will be on the new Thunderbolts team? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and check back on tomorrow when the full announcement is made.


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