Tiger Striped Nike ZoomX VaporFly NEXT% Just In Time For The Olympics


The Olympics are just a few weeks away and Nike has just released its latest performance-focused running shoe, with many nods to the brand’s past. The new Nike ZoomX VaporFly NEXT% pays homage to Nike before it was Nike, when the future running giant was called Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) during its founding years from 1964 to 1971.

The new shoes maintain the same predominantly white aesthetic we’ve seen in the past, with pale black Nike Swooshes on the ultra-breathable upper and ‘BRS’ printed on the outside of the heel. The real talking point is the aggressive black and orange ‘University Gold’ tiger stripes that are engraved on the bottom of the runner’s toe and sole, matching the same pattern on the tongue of the shoe.

The new colourway is eye-catching and is sure to instill a certain primal big cat aggression in its wearers, perhaps even to a personal best. In keeping with the rest of the collection, this new pair of Nike ZoomX VaporFly NEXT% features the same traditional White ZoomX midsole that contains a full-length carbon plate.

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It is this carbon plate that has made the Nike VaporFly family both desirable and controversial in the running world. The combination of the special foam that the soles are constructed from, along with the carbon plate, provides runners with noticeably improved running economy that makes them faster.

With the world’s biggest track and field event just around the corner, we’re sure to see a few pairs on the training track and maybe even in competition. For more details, head over to Nike below.

Nike ZoomX VaporFly NEXT%
Nike ZoomX VaporFly NEXT%

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