Top 10 Horror Franchises and Directors with the Most Jumpscares


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Halloween is just around the corner. But which franchise offers the biggest jumps this scary season?

Using data from movie blogs, marketing agency Dark Horse counted the jumpscares in the famous horror franchisees. Then, assuming that a good scare equals a physical half-meter (0.50) jump they calculated exactly how high we jump while watching our favorite scary movies.

Data reveals that the Halloween franchise has the most jumps – 119 out of 11 movies (not counting the latest Halloween Kills movie), which would equate to 60.5 yards of jumps. If you were scared with every jump you would have jumped higher than the Leaning Tower of Pisa at the end of the last Halloween movie!

Top 10 Horror Franchises with the Most Jumpscares:

  1. “Halloween”
  2. “Paranormal activity”
  3. “Scream”
  4. “Devilish death”
  5. “Insidious”
  6. “Friday 13”
  7. “Freddy”
  8. “Child’s play”
  9. “Annabelle”
  10. “Extraterrestrial”

For equivalents, the 60.5 meters that you will jump while watching all the “Halloween” films are the equivalent of the height of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The 47.7 meters of the “Paranormal Activity” franchise corresponds roughly to the height of the Statue of Liberty (without the plinth). And the 40.1-meter “Scream” series jumps would put you about as high as the Titanic’s funnels.

Source: Wikimedia / Instagram

Top 10 horror directors with the most jumping fears:

  1. James wan
  2. Wes craven
  3. Sam raimi
  4. Mike Flanagan
  5. Jean Charpentier
  6. Steve Minor
  7. Gregory Plotkin
  8. Johannes roberts
  9. William Brent Bell
  10. Paul WS Anderson

When it comes to directors, it’s James Wan, director of “Insidious,” “The Conjuring,” and “Malignant,” who comes out on top – with 119 jump alarms across his films. The late great Wes Craven, director of “Scream”, “The Last House on the Left” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, comes next with 114, followed by “The Evil Dead” and “Drag Me to Hell” director Sam Raimi with 89.

John Keating, Managing Director of Dark Horse said: “There’s actually something cathartic about a fear of jumping – you get a rush of adrenaline in your body and a big burst of dopamine laughing with your friends afterward. Because we understand that jump alarms are harmless, we enjoy the bloated feeling of finding ourselves in a scary situation in a touristy way. With “Halloween” here and “Halloween Kills” in theaters, however, we wanted to find out which franchise had the most scares – and count how you would actually jump at each scare! If you want to see how you fare, you can also find the top five “Halloween” movies on Netflix.! “



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