Top 3 crypto credit cards for 2021


We all know that earning points and rewards is the main benefit of using a credit card. With the rise of Bitcoin, we are now seeing more and more credit cards offering crypto rewards. All of the cards we cover will allow you to earn crypto on your spending or convert your rewards to crypto!

1. SoFI credit card

SoFi is a financial technology company located in San Francisco, the app allows users to manage their savings, investments, crypto, loans and credit cards in one place. With the SoFI credit card, you earn two SoFI reward points for every dollar spent on every purchase. There are no category restrictions, no overseas transaction fees, no cap on winnings, no minimum trade thresholds, but there is a $ 5 minimum for trading crypto and rewards never expire.

To redeem SoFI points for crypto, all you need to do is deposit your points into an SoFI crypto account. Right now, you can redeem your points for Bitcoin and Ethereum, but beyond the rewards, SoFI has 20 other coins for you to redeem. Like most crypto exchanges, every time you buy crypto there is usually a small transaction fee, every time you exchange your credit card points for crypto there is no costs.

Other perks include reducing your APR by 1% once you’ve made 12 monthly payments on time, Lyft perks, cell phone protection, and Global Elite Mastercard perks. Additionally, if you are eligible for an SoFI loan, you can use your rewards to pay off that debt. SoFI is in fact the first credit card that allows you to redeem your rewards in crypto!

2. BlockFi credit card

With this credit card you get 1.5% cash back in Bitcoin on every purchase. You can also earn 2% in Bitcoin on every purchase over $ 50,000 in annual spend. Instead of a signup bonus, you receive a 3.5% bonus in Bitcoin within the first three months.

The only thing to keep in mind is that bitcoin rewards are paid monthly to your BlockFi account, so these are not instant winnings. Plus, there are no other fees for using this card, no annual or foreign transaction fees. You can earn crypto interest on your bitcoin rewards, you can earn a bitcoin APY bonus on your stable coin holdings, get a trading bonus and $ 30 in BTC for each referral in addition to the base rate of $ 10.

Currently there is a waiting list for BlockFi’s credit card, so you will need to register on the website and you will only be able to stand in line if you have more referrals. Based on the BlockFi website, they have started accepting applications, but they only have to double-check for the latest information.

3. Gemini credit card

Currently, the Gemini credit card also has a waiting list – on their website it says it will launch this summer, so there should be a
release in the coming months. With Gemini, you get 3% on meals, 2% on gasoline, and 1% on all other purchases. Similar to SoFI, you can exchange your rewards into Bitcoin or any other type of crypto available on the Gemini platform. Unlike BlockFi, you can earn your rewards in real time and avoid waiting for a payout!

Another notable mention is that you get instant access once you’re approved for the card. You can add it to Apple Pay or
Google Pay and there is also some customization you can do, other cards will be metal and you can choose between black, silver
and rose gold. That’s all we know about this credit card so far!

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