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MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Full expert, the CRM and customer engagement platform purpose-built for modern financial institutions, is rolling out new features for lenders, banks and credit unions to help them better manage customer relationships in the year to to come. With a mortgage market that has gone from 70% refinance loans in 1Q21 to 70% purchase loans in 2Q21, capitalizing on every loan application is more important than ever.

In this competitive environment, lenders need easy access to consumer data from across the financial ecosystem. To accomplish this, Total Expert has established new or enhanced partnerships with third-party brands in data integration, social marketing, lead conversion, and loan brokers. The ability to access and leverage consumer data and sales inputs from systems including Selling power, BankBridgeand FreeRateUpdategives lenders a broader view of customer behavior to optimize and fill the pipeline.

New integration with social denim will enable loan officers to create engaging personal landing pages that give consumers detailed information about loan services, integrate with social media lead generation campaigns, and direct new leads to the Total Expert platform. The BankingBridge integration allows lenders to easily embed loan and rate calculators into landing pages and profiles to further personalize the consumer experience and encourage action.

Besides, Zapier will allow financial institutions to connect Total Expert to more than 4,000 third-party software platforms that generate potential leads and consumer insights. It is now possible to automate the movement of lead data from existing sources such as Zillow, Google, LendingTree, etc., directly into Total Expert, giving loan officers a single database of new leads to target with automated and personalized campaigns.

“With the mortgage market growing to 70% of purchase loans and rates rising 2% this year, loan officers need real-time insights and leads to quickly win and close clients,” said Julian Hebron, founder of The Basis Point, a sales and strategy service. advice to consumer credit and real estate companies. “Higher rates don’t derail homebuyers as much as the headlines suggest, and loan officers need to be armed with the right customer, rate market, and local housing market data to help customers understand the long-term affordability of homes and win bidding wars in a competitive market.”

“To be competitive today, financial institutions must go beyond banking and lending transactions and create comprehensive customer profiles to fuel more relevant customer communications,” said Joe Welu, founder and CEO of Total Expert. “With the great new integrations and capabilities included in our latest release, we’re giving customers the data, insights, and intelligent automation they need to understand behaviors and preferences, and deliver the perfect customer journey.”

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