UL Hospitals Group encourages the public to help protect emergency departments for urgent care this holiday weekend


Dr Damien Ryan, Consultant in Emergency Medicine at UL Hospital Group, and also Head of Injury Unit at Nenagh Hospital

Ahead of the June bank holiday, UL Hospitals Group is encouraging the public to consider all care options before heading to the busy emergency department at University Hospital Limerick (UHL), where healthcare staff are prioritizing emergency care for patients who need it most.

This year, patients have presented to UHL’s emergency room for care and treatment, including a significant number of people who are seen, treated and discharged without requiring hospitalization, many of whom could have been treated in injury treatment units, family physicians, outpatient services. GPs and off-hours pharmacies.

This holiday weekend, the UHL Emergency Department will continue to see and treat patients who need urgent and urgent treatment first. Patients presenting for routine, non-emergency treatment may experience very long wait times over the holiday weekend and early next week.

UL Hospitals Group regrets this delay and asks the public to help our staff during this difficult time.

Dr Damien Ryan, consultant in emergency medicine at UL Hospital Group, and also head of the injury unit at Nenagh Hospital, said anyone who is seriously ill or in need of emergency care should not delay in going to the emergency room, and encouraged people with more minor injuries and ailments to consider all options, including injury units at St John’s, Ennis and Nenagh hospitals.

“The UHL Emergency Department has experienced unprecedented demand over the past few weeks, and we’ve had to prioritize our sickest patients, as we always do. The downside is that people with less serious illnesses will have longer wait times for assessment and care, so we strongly urge people with more minor symptoms or injuries to consider seeing their GP or one of the services out-of-hours GP services such as ShannonDoc.In addition, we have injury treatment units in Nenagh, Ennis and St John’s hospitals which are well equipped to provide care for minor injuries such as sprains, fractures, wounds, burns, etc., to anyone over the age of five, and provide very effective and timely care in these settings,” said D Dr. Ryan.

As always, if you or someone else is seriously ill or in need of urgent emergency treatment, please do not delay in going to the emergency room at Limerick University Hospital or dialing 999/112 for assistance. ugly.

For quick access to the most reliable injury unit information, just go to Google and type in “HSE, injury units”. The HSE website has full information on the range of services available at Nenagh, Ennis and St John’s Hospital, including contact numbers for people who wish to call before showing up.


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