Velvet Libations goes back in time to the 60s in a new brewery


Connecticut’s newest brewery promises experimental beers and retro decor that send patrons back to the 1960s.

Brewery Collective member Velvet Libations will open on March 17, just in time for new customers to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at its Wolcott Tavern.

“Hopefully it’s going to be something really exciting that people are looking forward to – just getting away from it all and feeling something new,” said Brewery Collective marketer Kristen Daniels. “It’s all going to be a bit experimental and fun.”

The Brewery Collective is an “assemblage” of four breweries across Connecticut and Rhode Island, including Foolproof Brewing in Pawtucket, RI, and the Black Horse Garage Brewing Company, which will open in Bridgeport in 2022.

This new brasserie will feature 1960s-style furniture and decor, as well as audio and visual homages to the era, including counterculture tunes played throughout the dining room and shows like “The Twilight Zone” airing on the television.

Velvet Libations will take over the former home of Shebeen Brewing, another member of the Brewery Collective which closed its bar in January to focus on its distribution efforts.

Velvet Libations will feature lots of 60s furniture and decor, such as mid-century modern furniture seats.

Contributed by Kristen Daniels/Collectif Brasserie

“They’re doing very, very well at distribution, but we had noticed that the actual dining room culture wasn’t necessarily there,” Daniels said.

While Shebeen Brewing focuses on dessert beers and other culinary twists, Velvet Libations will specialize in sour lines and barrel-aged beer styles.

The brewery’s three flagship beers are ‘The Chaser’, a Belgian-style Dubbel ‘aged in oloroso and port barrels’; “A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain”, a Berliner Weisse and “Queen of the Nile”, a Grisette IPA.

These names should sound familiar to “The Twilight Zone” fans – they’re all episode titles.

Anderson Sant’anna DeLima, head of brewing operations for all Brewery Collective locations, will also serve as head brewer for Velvet Libations.

Daniels said the spot will allow DeLima to get more “experimental” with his brewing techniques.

Travel back to the 1960s at

Travel back to the 1960s with the “experimental” Velvet Libations.

Contributed by Kristen Daniels/Collectif Brasserie

“I think he’s going to be really excited to be able to brew some of these more experimental [beers]”, Daniels said. “He has space where he can play a little more.

In addition to Sant’anna DeLima, Velvet Libations also brought in Deb Stanclift to run the bar. Stanclift previously ran Better Half Brewing in Bristol before the brewery closed last year.

“She’s going to bring a big crowd with her,” Daniels said.

Velvet Libations will only be open Friday through Sunday as it begins its run in Wolcott. Daniels invites patrons through, dressed in their most 1960s-inspired attire, as the brewery celebrates its opening this week.

“I hope the customer can see it as an immersive experience,” Daniels added.


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