Viral Marvel Cosplay suits Sailor Moon as Moon Knight


A stunning Marvel and anime fusion cosplay has gone viral with fans for imagining what it would look like if Sailor Moon disguised himself as Moon Knight instead! Sailor Moon Iis one of the greatest anime and manga franchises of all time, having been around for over 30 years at this point, and many of its greatest moments are often fondly remembered by fans around the world. This is of course true of Usagi Tsukino’s transformation into a Sailor Scout hero herself, and it’s become so prevalent that fans couldn’t help but think of the hero for a while. moon knightThe original series is streaming on Disney+.

Sailor Moon’The transformation sequence has become such a big part of pop culture that when Moon Knight debuted, fans everywhere imagined what a fusion of the two heroes would look like. While this resulted in all sorts of cool fan art and other projects celebrating moon heroes, Twitter artist @myladysprout went viral with fans on Twitter bringing this fusion to life with a suiting full cosplay to Usagi as Moon Knight and a servant of Khonshu! Check it out below:

It was a pretty big moment for the Sailor Moon franchise as a whole. Not only did he recently turn 30 to celebrate his milestone birthday, but a notable YouTube personality actually tracked down the once-lost American pilot for Sailor Moon. When the anime first got an English license outside of Japan, it turned out that an American production had released a full pilot trying to present a hybrid of action and anime series that would change completely many character names, stories and more for an American audience.

This pilot was thought to be lost forever, but Ray Mona at YouTube worked tirelessly for months in order to track down and find the complete pilot as it was originally released. Previously believed fans of Lost Media would never see, this is an interesting look at a potential version of the franchise that never really got off the ground. It might have gone on to find its own success, but at least now fans can put all their theories to bed with the release of the pilot.

Do you think Sailor Moon would work well with Khonshu? How different would that be from a series? Let us know all your thoughts on this and all things anime in the comments!


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