Virtual Assistants and Digital Humans on Ace Turing Test Pace with New NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine


Omniverse ACE offers developers of games, chatbots, digital twins and virtual worlds a suite of cloud-native AI models to create and deploy interactive avatars

NVIDIA announced today NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar (ACE) Cloud Enginea suite of cloud-native AI models and services that make it easy to create and customize virtual assistants and realistic digital humans.

By bringing these models and services to the cloud, ACE gives businesses of all sizes instant access to the massive computing power needed to create and deploy assistants and avatars who understand multiple languages, respond to voice prompts, interact with the environment, and make smart recommendations.

“Our industry has traveled decades to teach computers to communicate and perform complex tasks with an ease that humans take for granted,” said Rev Lebaredian, Vice President of Omniverse and Simulation Technology at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA ACE puts that at your fingertips. ACE combines many sophisticated AI technologies, enabling developers to create digital assistants that are well on their way to passing the Turing test.

ACE is built on NVIDIA Unified Computing Framework, which provides access to the rich software tools and APIs needed to harness the wide range of skills needed for highly realistic and fully interactive avatars. These include Nvidia Riva to develop voice AI applications, NVIDIA Metropolis for computer vision and intelligent video analysis, NVIDIA Merlin™ for high-performance recommender systems, NVIDIA NeMo Megatron for large language models with natural language understanding, and NVIDIA Omniverse for AI enabled animation.

ACE-enabled assistants and avatars will transform interactions in gaming, entertainment, banking, transportation and hospitality.

Two apps built on ACE include those from NVIDIA Maxine Project and Tokyo project. Project Maxine brings industry-leading video and audio functionality to virtual collaboration and content creation applications. Project Tokkio enables interactive avatars that see, perceive, intelligently converse, and provide recommendations to improve customer service in places like restaurants.

Omniverse ACE Support
Virtual assistant and digital human developers plan to use ACE to accelerate their avatar development efforts.

“Reallusion developers can create compelling characters quickly and easily, and now we’re moving forward with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and real-time rendering,” said Elvis Huang, chief innovation officer. within the Innovation Development Department at Reallusion, Inc. Character Creator and iClone tools with NVIDIA’s Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine will be a great way to create realistic avatars that interact with end users in a realistic way.

“The demand for digital humans and virtual assistants continues to grow exponentially across industries, but creating and scaling them is becoming increasingly complex,” said Kevin Krewell, principal analyst at TIRIAS. Research. “NVIDIA’s Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine brings together all the cloud-based AI microservices needed to more easily create and deliver realistic, interactive avatars at scale.”

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