Warren Ellis plans to return to comics with Image and Ben Templesmith


Artist Ben Templesmith revealed on his Instagram and Patreon that he and writer Warren Ellis will team up to continue their title owned by creator Fell at Image Comics. Originally published for nine issues as of 2005, Fell has been on hiatus since 2008.

Templesmith states that Fell’s new chapter will be a “one-volume work,” although he does not specify the format. The news includes a new promotional image, viewable here.

(Image credit: Ben Templesmith / Image Comics)

Fell’s return marks Warren Ellis’ first apparent new comic book work since allegations of sexual misconduct were brought against the writer by several young women, after which he released a statement via his Orbital Operations email newsletter that did not address any specific allegations directly but admitted some guilt in what he called at the time “these errors …”

Following the allegations, Ellis has pulled out of mainstream comics, with several planned projects scrapped, including a story related to DC’s Dark Nights: Death Metal event.. Warren completed several other stories as a result of these events, including DC’s limited series The Batman’s Grave, though he’s been absent from the comics ever since.

Templesmith’s statement only seems to refer to the circumstances indirectly, vaguely acknowledging Ellis’ now-over break in comic book work.

“Fell is finally going to be over. Okay, it’s finally happening. For better or worse, it’s an unfinished business for me. We really left it hanging. Obviously, so much has changed. since those days. Yes, I know, so many“reads the statement Templesmith posted on his Patreon.

“It’s not for me to speak for Warren, but I agreed to do the book and I’m glad he’s doing comics again,” the statement continued. “I don’t think anyone thought he would get away with working in a shoe factory or anything. He is, after all, one of the most important comic book writers of decades past. . “

Fell tells the story of Detective Richard Fell as he investigates the violent and bizarre crimes taking place in the so-called “wild town” of Snowtown, an urban center plagued by hostility, mystery and possibly be even to magic.

Originally intended as a continuing title, Fell featured a shorter page count with the intention of keeping the price of each issue at $ 1.99, which was a significantly lower price than standard monthly comics, even in 2006. .

“It means a lot to me to finish this thing, well, so I couldn’t say no. I guess we’ll let the market talk about how things are,” Templesmith says. “We’ve pretty much got past the old concept of the $ 1.99 comics, unfortunately these days, so from what I know, it’s going to be a one-volume job.”

“And I hope I don’t speak for myself and say yes, it will always be via Image. Warren got me a script, so I’m starting with the pages now,” Templesmith’s statement concludes. “So besides the other projects I’m working on, Squidspit, Hair of the Dog, Urnakk Black Blood and the He-Bros of the Universe thing, the Squid Army Patreon is going to be aware of a bunch of my process work. on all pages As always, Hail Squid and all that.

Templesmith’s statement did not include any planned release date for Fell’s new volume. Neither Ellis nor Image Comics have released a statement about Fell’s return.


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