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As part of a previously announced partnership between Tanger Med Port Authority and Wärtsilä Voyage – which aims to digitize maritime stopovers – Tanger Med, Hapag-Lloyd and Anglo-Eastern Ship Management have succeeded in enabling the first digitally controlled port arrival at world. the Kobe Express, a container ship owned by Hapag-Lloyd and managed by Anglo Eastern, docked safely and on time at the port of Tangier Med in Morocco on June 25 using the Wärtsilä Navi-Port system.

Wärtsilä Voyage’s Navi-Port System is a digital platform that facilitates real-time data exchange between ships and their destination ports to enable accurate arrival times. The system digitally exchanges the required arrival time with the on-board navigation system and allows a vessel’s speed program to be adjusted for just-in-time (JiT) arrival at the click of a button, allowing for save fuel and wait time at anchor.

the Kobe Express, a Bermuda-flagged container ship with a carrying capacity of 4,612 teu, docked safely at Tangier Med on the Strait of Gibraltar on June 25 after leaving Cartagena, Colombia.

“This is a momentous achievement. We have gone beyond pilot and test projects to real applications, and we see this as the start of a trend that will make maritime and port operations more efficient and less carbon intensive, ”said Dmitry Rostopshin, Director General of Maritime Traffic Control. at Wärtsilä Voyage.

Wärtsilä Voyage and Tanger Med Port, the largest Mediterranean and African container port, are jointly developing a state-of-the-art Port Management Information System (PMIS) with PortLink and equipped with the Wärtsilä Navi-Port system. A key objective of PMIS is to facilitate arrivals of JiT vessels and improve the port’s maritime traffic control protocols.

“Tanger Med is committed to providing high-level services to shipowners and international maritime alliances to ensure stopovers in the best conditions. This is an important step in our joint project with Wärtsilä ”, commented Khalid Samir, port captain of Tanger Med.

“Anglo-Eastern has partnered with Wärtsilä to digitize the operations of the more than 600 vessels in our managed fleet. We anticipate that Wärtsilä technology will speed up trip execution and planning and allow us to better monitor fuel efficiency and engine performance for optimal operations. Congratulations to Captain Kishor Dinde and his crew, and everyone else involved in this successful digital docking of the Kobe Express, ”said Bjorn Hojgaard, CEO of Anglo-Eastern.

“Technology is advancing rapidly in the shipping industry, and this first global achievement is proof that we are entering an era of high efficiency and better environmental performance, which will benefit all stakeholders in the industry. Kudos to Wärtsilä and the Tanger Med Port Authority for helping make this happen, ”said Ralf Belusa, Managing Director of Digital Activities at Hapag-Lloyd.

“A number of similar projects are underway with other leading ports and shipping companies around the world. As the economic and environmental benefits of JiT operations become increasingly clear to the maritime community, Wärtsilä will therefore continue to invest in the development of our innovative solutions that also help support the decarbonization and GHG reduction strategies of the IMO, ”said Bruce Mills, director of vessel traffic control development at Wärtsilä Travel.


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