Wayne Thiebaud, former Disney animator and painter, dies at 101



Wayne Thiebaud, a prolific painter and former Disney host, has died. He was 101 years old. His death was announced on Sunday by his gallery, Acquavella, but their statement did not provide details on the time and circumstances of Thiebaud’s death. As a painter, Thiebaud is part of the modern art school, but he approaches his work with less cynicism than many of his contemporaries in this movement. Through Hollywood journalist, who first widely reported her passing, “Many of her painted images were depicted in pinks and neon blues that made objects glow. The shadows were often a rich blue.”

Thiebaud said during a NewsTime interview once he preferred to call himself a painter, not an artist. “It’s like a priest who presents himself as a saint,” he explained. “Maybe it’s a little too early or he’s not the one deciding.… I think being an artist is a very rare thing.”

“Even at 101, he spent most of his days in the studio, driven by, as he described it with his characteristic humility, ‘that almost neurotic fixation of trying to learn to paint,” “Acquavella’s statement read. .

Thiebaud was born in Mesa, Arizona, in 1920, but raised in Sacramento, California. He would eventually become associated with San Francisco because of how the city has often inspired his art. Other favorite topics included gumballs, cakes, and other brightly colored everyday pieces.

Thiebaud began his career as an animator for Walt Disney, but that’s not where he made his name. Neither IMDb nor the Disney Wiki have even listed specific projects he worked on during his time there. He would later become a professor at the University of California at Davis. He retired in 1991, but continued to teach one class per year.

Our hearts go out to the family, friends and co-workers of Mr. Thiebaud at this difficult time.



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