We asked UoB students for their worst dating stories just in time for Valentine’s Day


We pray for the girl from #5

Valentine’s Day – the one day a year when half the population is happily loved and the other half are single (and maybe just a little bitter about it).

But finding “the right one” isn’t easy – dating can be awkward at the best of times and downright terrifying at the worst.

So, to make all singles feel better this February 14th, we’ve put together a collection of your worst dating stories. Get ready, some of them are pretty bad.

Did someone say “sugar daddy”?

“I went on a date with a client from work who was about 30 years older than me. We went for a bottomless brunch at the Gas Street Social (because he was paying). He took a picture of me which I thought was fine until he posted it on Facebook to show everyone he had a date with me I didn’t even have it on Facebook so I didn’t I only found out after harassing him. I haven’t seen him since.

Who doesn’t like being asked about a date?

“So we went to the restaurant, and the conversation was going well until he pulled out a pdf called ’35 questions to ask on the first date’. He went on to tell me that the questions were getting more ‘in depth as you went deeper and I was mortified. We then drove around the Christmas markets where he spontaneously started singing… I was so embarrassed and ready for it to end.

Maybe let the professionals sing in public?

From 0 to 100 very quickly

“I went to a guy on a second date and he told me he lived in a ‘stabby’ area, so he kept a fake knife on him. He then opened his bedside drawer and showed me his collection of very real knives.

No running in the hallways kids

“I went on a date with a boy and we went to the IKON gallery. He started screaming and running around and I felt like I was babysitting.

Lego store = embrace your inner child! Shouting into the IKON = too far?

This one takes the crown

“I went on two dates with this guy (a Tinder thing) and he seemed nice – except for the fact that he was conservative, but I thought I could look past that . Then on the third date he invited me over for the night, he revealed that he was a neo-Nazi who hated Jews and blacks. I had to spend the night with him because I had missed the last train home.

I am speechless. Stay safe there daters.

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