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Welcome everyone to Multiversity’s Art of the Week! Every week, we scour the internet for the best artwork from the blogs, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram of top comic and manga artists and curate them here for your viewing pleasure.

In today’s edition we have a hilarious turn red/”Incredible Hulk” #1 mash-up by artist Lirhya Petit Pain, plus fan art for Zoe Kravitz other new movie, and a great Dream of a summer night commission from Colleen Doran. Enjoy all the coins shared here, and until next time, keep staying safe!

Goran Parlov

Kimi by Dan Schkade

Swamp Thing by Matt Bors

Teenage Mutant Barbarians and Cerebus by Kelly Williams

Dinobot by James Marsh

Two Faces of David Finch

Aloy by Megan Huang

MLB lockdown ends with Ray Sbarra

Spider-Man: No Coming Home by Dan Hipp

Picard by Tyler Crook

Kaneda by Enrico Marini

Oberon and Titania by Colleen Doran

Lirhya Bun (after Jack Kirby)

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