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BOOM! Studios announces Alice Ever After, a five-part comic book series that serves as a twisted sequel to Alice in Wonderland.

Comic book publisher BOOM! Studios officially announced Alice forever, an upcoming five-part series that puts a twisted new twist on the story of Alice in Wonderland.

Ready to launch in April, Alice forever comes from the creative team of writer/artist Dan Panosian (A wickedness of crows, Canary), the artist Giorgio Spalletta (Sonja Red: Black, White, Red) and colorist Fabiana Mascolo. Issue 1 features the main Panosian cover, along with variant covers by Jenny Frison and Adam Hughes. This “darkly surreal” series follows a grown-up Alice, who has essentially become addicted to Wonderland, using it as a way to escape the unfortunate realities of her life.

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In Alice forever, Alice “struggles to choose between dealing with her trauma in the real world or escaping to Wonderland…for good.” The official synopsis of BOOM! explains, “Alice first visited Wonderland as a child. Now that she’s grown up, it’s become her only escape from a cold, harsh world that feels even less real: an estranged family, a tormented lover and a father with secrets he will do anything to protect. But to return to her fantasy, Alice will need something much stronger than mushrooms…”

Alice is “[c]assaulted by a growing addiction”, which forces her to enter the “twisted belly” of London and pulls her “ever further from reality”. BOOM! questions whether his Wonderland obsession is “really a respite,” or perhaps a “one-way trip” to the dreaded asylum. “Witness Wonderland comes to life like never before, set in vibrant yet menacing Victorian London, as characters from Alice’s past adventures reappear in surprising and new ways!”

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“If a pill makes you fatter and a pill makes you smaller, consider this book an alternative pill that puts a crooked smile on your pretty little face,” Panosian said. “Enjoy responsibly.”

“Dan is one of my favorite writers! I’m so happy to contribute his version of Alice, and with Fabiana’s colors on our wonderland, this series will be unforgettable,” Spalleta added. “Put on a Jefferson plane and follow us in Alice forever Because we’re already down the rabbit hole!”

“Prepare to be swept away in this dark, adult sequel to the story of Alice in Wonderland it could only come from the minds of Dan, Giorgio and Fabiana,” said Kathleen Wisneski, Editor-in-Chief of BOOM!. “If you think you already know everything there is to know about Alice and the wild cast of characters she’s encountered on her adventures…you have no idea what’s in store for you!” “

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Alice forever #1 by Dan Panosian, Giorgio Spalletta and Fabiana Mascolo goes on sale April 2022 on BOOM! Studios.

Source: BOOM! studios

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