YogaSix from Upper Arlington will be franchised with new owners


Casandra Barnes, General Manager of YogaSix in Upper Arlington, said: “There is more local programming and other activities.”

UA’s YogaSIx is currently owned by Michael Redd, John Weaver and Madeline McIntyre. This trio is 22 Ventures, a local company that invests in sport, technology and diversity. Redd retired more than a decade later to the NBA, where he joined after a distinguished college career as one of Ohio State University’s top scorers. He is also an Olympic gold medalist who played for the US national team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

“I can’t wait to get started,” says Maddy McIntyre. “It’s great to get to know our community and to make YogaSix a place where people can improve. “

McIntyre is passionate about softball at Ohio State University and encourages people to apply.

since open In 2015 UA YogaSix featured the best facilities and hot yoga. Six core classes offer clients a variety of yoga styles and temperatures. The air handling system is unique and continuously supplies a large amount of fresh filtered air during lessons. The special CVC was a plus as the studio was reopened during pandemic restrictions. They also reopened showers and other facilities.

Michael and Achea Redd focused on promoting many valuable projects and encouraging athletes to use their capital to develop their human potential. Achea Redd is a strong advocate for mental health and the empowerment of young women.

“Michael and I are passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone,” says Achea Redd. “Communities of color often don’t have the access or the financial capacity to afford ‘luxuries’ like yoga. We want to change the history of yoga and make it more complete for everyone. Emotional health should never be seen as a luxury, but rather as a necessity. ”

YogaSix celebrates the new local owners with free weekend classes starting Friday July 16. There is also a class discount, which will run until the end of the year.

For more information, visit Yoga Six at 1600 W. Lane Avenue, Upper Arlington, OH 43221 and go online.

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YogaSix from Upper Arlington will be franchised with new owners

Upper Arlington’s YogaSix will be franchised with new owners


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