Zero Year’s oversized chapters accidentally overworked the art team


Batman writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo reveal that the scale of their Zero Year storyline has pushed the boundaries of the entire art team.

The artistic team behind Batman was miserable during the making of “Zero Year”.

While promoting their new series We have demons at New York Comic Con, writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo were asked about their experiences working on “Zero Year” during a panel CBR attended. Capullo replied, “This is the book Scott almost killed the entire art team on.” Snyder confessed to the claim, admitting that, through a series of unfortunate circumstances, he did.

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Snyder and Capullo made it clear that these issues were the unfortunate result of simple behind-the-scenes communication issues. As Snyder put it, “Basically they kept giving me extra pages when I asked them. They didn’t tell me they weren’t extending the deadline for them. [the artists]. “This resulted in each issue being 26 pages, instead of the standard 22. On a monthly schedule, this means Capullo, inker Danny Miki and colorist FCO Plascencia produced an average of six and a half pages each week. , which turned out “Oh, that was murder,” Capullo said.

After creating the Court of Owls and successfully reinventing the Joker with “Death of the Family,” Snyder and Capullo were tasked with taking on Batman’s origin in “Zero Year”. The story unfolded over 12 issues of Batman proper, with over a dozen additional links from Bat girl, Night wing, Catwoman and even Action comics. Instead of directly retreading the beloved Batman: Year One, “Zero Year” focused on the arrival of the Joker and Riddler in Gotham City and reinvented Doctor Death, a classic Batman villain originally created in the 1930s.

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This glimpse into the creation of “Zero Year” is one of many experiences Snyder has shared over the past few months as the writer takes a break from DC Comics. However, the “Zero Year” storyline hardly ever saw the light of day. Snyder recently revealed that a conflict with his editors over Lincoln March’s identity in the “Court of Owls” screenplay almost made him quit. Batman long before the start of “year zero”. DC was shy about the end of its first story, suggesting a change that Snyder said “would have changed the whole story.” Fortunately, cold heads prevailed and Snyder stayed Batman for the coming years.

Snyder ended the segment by saying, “I always assumed they gave you extra time, you know? But they weren’t. [talking to Greg] guys back. ”Of course, time heals all wounds, and the two are together again as part of Snyder’s new publishing deal with ComiXology and Dark Horse Comics.

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Source: New York Comic Con

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